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Cactus Hobbies featues organized slot car racing every Sunday. We run non-modified Flexi chassis with one of three sealed can type motors that cannot be modified in any way. We currently run LeMans Prototype bodies (LMP) with medium down force. We use the Champion tech tool (CH940) to measure rear axle width, ride height and rear wheel size (.765 minimum). Specific rules & procedures are listed below. Following the races, the results are published on the tab marked Race Results.

Sunday is race day at Cactus Hobbies and normally starts with a kids race at 12:30 that is then followed by the adults road race and then the drag racing launches down the strip at 1:30pm. Cactus Hobbies has special trophy events, usually one per month, with awards, raffles and good times. Questions? Give us a call 602-THE-RACE, OR 602-843-7223.


Cactus Hobbies is the "Race Place" for Slot Cars in Arizona. We currently have 4 Bob Scott designed and built tracks with plenty of available lanes & rental cars for test & tune, racing or parties. The Race Place includes an 8 lane road course, 6 lane oval, 3 lane figure eight track and a scale quarter mile drag strip.




Cactus Hobbies is Slot Car Central for Arizona. We offer HO, 1/32 and 1/24 scale slot cars, take home sets and accessories. More than that, we have the expertise to get you to the correct solution for your needs. Large or small, analog or digital, we help put the pieces together for a long lasting and pertetually fun slot car experience.

Cactus Hobbies features slot cars for young and old, using scale model electric cars that run at some amazing speeds. Individuals, families or groups can rent cars & controllers and enjoy racing around our slot car tracks. We offer finance friendly family rates for our hourly rental packages.

Affordable Birthday Party packages are also available for small or large groups and focus on car control on the large road race track where participants learn the art of going fast without crashing! They kids quickly learn that racing your car is more fun than running after the car you just crashed. As the groups rotate in heat race sessions, the racing gets more intense and is scored on the computer where it sorts out who is who in the zoo. Who ran fast laps? who stayed on the track without crashing? Who won that last heat race? Who is the best driver here???

Cactus Hobbies is also the Race Place for slot car enthusiasts to gather for organized racing every Sunday. Because of our racing format and experience levels on the track, there are no rental cars offered on Sunday. The kids and families come in with their slot car boxes and set up their respective pit areas where thy prep their slot cars for battle. Racers run timed heats that rotate the racers through all of the used lanes ensuring that every car runs the same distance then computer tallies up the results and shazam, somebody won! The kids get ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd while the adults get a random prize or a pat on the back. Trophy races are normally held once once a month and rotate between road racing and drag racing events.

Cactus Hobbies has a 8 lane road course, a 6 lane oval plus a two lane, scale quarter mile drag strip with a powered return road. On the road track and drag strip computer timing is displayed. On the road course drivers can compare lap times and number of laps run. On the drag strip, racers see their reaction time, elapsed time and driver reaction time. The 6 lane oval is a short track experience that is good for the 1/32 scale cars, Womps or regular 1/24 scale cars.

                                              Come on by, check it out and join the fun!


  For a downloadable version of the document below, "Slot Car Racing Rules and
                        Procedures", Click Link Here...>
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 Restructured Road Racing Program

  Restructured Road Racing Program Announced - Drivers Rotate as Race Director &       Turn Marshal Responsibilities - Penalties for Punting Racers Off The Track


Welcome to the world of slot car racing! Here, at Cactus Hobbies, we value comradery as much or more than the competition itself.  Our mission is to operate a safe venue for slot car racing that is family fun and kid friendly.  Cooperation and working together are the keys to a successful slot car environment as there are many tasks necessary to have a successful event. Please bring any issues to the attention of the staff of Cactus Hobbies.

The Track, Lanes and Control Stations

The slot car track has colored stripes on each individual lane to help identify the different lane colors and ultimately which lane a car should go on. Each of the Control Stations down the straight has a different color panel in front of it that matches a lane color. This is where the racers connect their controller(s) to operate the cars.  In a practice or race situation, drivers should be back from the panel about a foot, allowing enough room for the other drivers to see down the straight and around the track. This is sometimes called a ‘belly check’ if drivers are crowding the view down the straight away.

Race Heats, Breaks & Lane Rotation

Races are run in timed heats, usually 3 to 5 minutes long, followed by a rest break of between 2 -3 minutes  in between heats. The break between heats is to allow for lane rotation and servicing of cars. After each heat, driver and cars are rotated across the colored lanes that will show on the race timing & scoring monitor by the drivers name moving to a different lane color / Control Station.

All the race cars are rotated to a different lane after each heat to ensure all racers cover the exact same distance and surface. When the cars are rotated from one lane to the next, the car must remain in the same location on the track, not brought back to the starting position or moved forward or backwards.  Often, drivers will mark where the car needs to go back on the track by leaving a card or colored lane sticker on the track surface. Do not remove these markers; they are to note where the car gets returned to the track for the following heat.

The Race Computer – Timing & Scoring

The race computer tracks the number of laps run per driver, total laps, fastest laps and driver places throughout the race. The race computer is set up to continue to look to the timing loop for 3 seconds following a track call/power down. With this, if there is a track call/power down, the computer will continue to pick cars for 3 seconds after the power is shut off ensuring accurate lap counts for all drivers.

Additionally, the race computer has a setting to reject a lap time that is faster than quicker than the normal lap time. For most classes we run, this parameter is usually set to 3.0 seconds – with this set, the computer will throw out any lap that is 3.0 seconds or less. This prevents a lane from scoring extra laps due to another car riding on it.

Turn Marshaling

One extremely important part of slot car racing is turn marshaling. Turn marshaling involves ’spotters’, or turn marshals around the track that are responsible for retrieving and returning cars to their lane, identifying problems on the track surface and performing “track calls” whenever needed.

A Track call is a request from a turn marshal to the race director to kill the power to the track so that cars can be retrieved and reset to their correct position on the track. Turn marshals should call Track in the following situations:

  • A car is crashed and blocking lane(s) beyond the immediate reach of the marshal
  • Two or more cars are crashed in front of one turn marshal
  • A car is off its lane and drifting down the straight across the lanes (no access to marshals)
  • A car has jumped on to another lane (known as a Rider. In this case a marshal can call Track or Rider  to alert the race director of a problem
  • A car has left the track completely

Other Types of Track calls:

Braid up

Power failure (one or all lanes)

Debris in slot

Unmarshalable car (a car on the floor is not considered unmarshalable, a car in the infield or under a track is considered unmarshalable.  4A.Two or more cars off in one corner at a time. Cars under bridge that cannot be reached.

Lap counter or track equipment failure

Rider (Car that has jumped to other than assigned lane)


Profanity or abusive language will not be tolerated. The race director will enforce this rule. See Penalties

Repair on cars is allowed during the race except when running in a round robin race where a driver is occupying a sit-out position.

Fluids of any kind are not allowed over the track surface

No tire glues on cars or track

Braid may be reset and bodies straightened during track calls. Track calls are NOT work breaks

If you race, you must turn marshal. Turn marshals may be assigned to corners by the Race Director (see Turn Marshaling below)

Lane Change Cards/stickers will be required for all racers
* Cars which are not removed from track while work is being done e.g. during lane changes will not require a lane change card.

The Race Director Role & The Penalty Box

The Race Director has one primary responsibility; to ensure a fair race. This involves watching the track for wrecks, track calls, riders and making sure cars get their lap in the event of a track power down.  The Race Director also is responsible for calling-out rough driving whenever necessary. Rough driving will be called if a driver is caught bumping another car(s) off the road in a perceived intentional manner and will fall under these guidelines:

PENALTIES - Failure to follow any rules may result in

  1. First Infraction: A Verbal Warning
  2. Second Infraction: 5 Lap Penalty
  3. Repeated Infractions: Disqualification

The Race director has final discretion and authority over penalties.

Any of these situations can be called by the Race Director or Cactus Hobbies Staff appointed to the race.

Back Up Cars & Procedures

All cars racing, primary and back up cars, must pass a tech inspections prior to the race. Back up cars are permitted for races but must be checked in a head of time and pass a tech inspection for compliance of all rules parameters.  Back up cars may be substituted if a primary car is damaged and cannot continue the heat. Primary cars should be repaired and returned to the race if possible. If extra time is required for a repair, notify Cactus Hobbies Staff or the Race Director.

Driver Rules on Marshaling

All drivers will at some point, become turn marshals. All drivers are expected to help turn marshal. In normal race conditions drivers should not call Track – only turn marshals. A driver can alert a turn marshal with “Bridge, Straight or Off” call to alert a Marshal of a situation they may not have seen.  Drivers cannot yell at turn marshals or otherwise display negative behaviors that can impact the group as a whole. Any issues must be brought to the attention of the racer director or Cactus Hobbies Staff in a profession manner for resolution.

Pit Protocol

During the races, there are no radios allowed playing in the pits due to the noise level confusing track calls. Radios can be played during intermissions/race breaks. 

If the event is well attended, please condense your pit to allow room for others. No one driver should take up a whole pit table.

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